Friday, May 13, 2011

Zen Ghosts by Jon J Muth

On Halloween, Stillwater the panda, who dons a spooky costume and mask, promises his friends Addy, Michael, and Karl a spine- tingling ghost story to be told by a mysterious storyteller. The storyteller - who looks remarkably like Stillwater - tells the children an unforgettable ancient Zen story about a girl named Senjo who hopes to marry Ochu, the boy next door. But Senjo's parents have different plans for her future. The story of Senjo was originally written down by a Chinese Buddhist Monk Master named Wu- men Hui- hai in the early 13th Century. This type of story, called a Koan, is used by students of Zen to attain enlightenment. It provokes thought and conversation - yet has no concrete answers. With Zen Ghosts, Muth has once again presented an original, beautifully crafted story, perfect for Hallowe'en - or any time.

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