Saturday, November 02, 2013

Potatoes on Rooftops by Hadley Dyer

The urban farming movement is rapidly gaining widespread acceptance. Now it's time for kids to be a part of it, too! With a minimum of equipment and whether alone or with friends, kids can start growing fruit and vegetables at home, in a community garden, or at school. Combining practical tips and well- researched facts, Potatoes on Rooftops is a brisk and informative overview of the how and why of the movement toward small- scale urban farming. There are many ways to farm in the city: a Detroit high school program teaches students to grow food and raise chickens; in Tokyo, a bank vault was converted into an underground greenhouse; in Nairobi, local youth transformed part of a slum into a garden that helps feed their families; First Lady Michelle Obama established an organic garden at the White House; and more in other countries. Short, kid- friendly descriptions and vibrant photos and illustrations keep the pace moving and the tone light. Toronto Public Health and FoodShare, two respected agencies, both have contributed to the book. A perfect book to get kids thinking about alternative ways of growing and getting food.

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