Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Robbers by Andreas Schroeder, illustrated by Remy Simard

From chapters.ca:
Determined to beat the odds, professional thieves spend their lives figuring out ingenious ways to steal other people's possessions. In Robbers! you'll uncover the dirt on eight cunning master thieves, including: Master- of- disguise Willie Sutton, who robbed banks in costume D. B. Cooper, who hijacked a plane, demanded $200,000, and parachuted to safety London's Great Train Robbers, who held up a moving train to pull off one of the largest ever hauls of banknotes.   Each story offers a glimpse into the high- octane underworld of the boldest of robbers. The writer's fascination with criminal masterminds and the illustrator's action- packed graphic depictions of real- life thievery make this a compelling read for fans of mischief, mayhem, and bad guys on the run.

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