Thursday, January 02, 2014

Merci Mister Dash! By Monica Kulling, illustrated by Esperanca Melo

Mr. Dash may not have a pedigree (he can count five different breeds of dogs as family), but from his furry head to his wagging tail, he is a gentleman. His fine manners make him a perfect companion to Madame Croissant. Their life together is graceful and civilized, what with walks in the park, stamp- collecting, and a passion for flowers. But the well- ordered household is turned on its head whenever Madame Croissants granddaughter, Daphne, comes to visit. Shes as wild as Mr. Dash is courtly, and she makes the poor dog's life miserable. But when she finds herself in real trouble, Mr. Dash proves that he is not only well- mannered but as brave as any knight. Merci Mister Dash! is not only a hilarious salute to common courtesy, it will appeal to dog lovers and to anyone who is trying to civilize an untamed creature of any kind.

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